Constantine Tayler

Koreans at Home

In the author's words, "This little books is an attempt to set down a few facts connected with the little-known land of Korea, as well as impressions gathered during several visits to that country." She has excluded political commentary in favor of a true reflection of the land & its people, including the various Europeans & Americans in Seoul & other parts of Korea. She specifically addresses a description of Seoul, foreign intercourse with Korea, history, history of Christianity, the Emperor, her audience with the Emperor, costume, divisions of society,customs, ceremonies, beliefs, superstitions, ginsing growing, expedition to Ping-Yang (Pyongyang) etc.

a mourner


altar of the spirits of the land

an unmarried Korean boy

boy in wedding costume

coolie with jiggie for carrying loads

houses of the servants in the palace garden

Korean married man

ladies at the palace

library in the east palace

little girl in summer dress

married woman etc.

Mr. Kim Kui Hai late interpreter to Mr. Mcleavy brown

packing ginseng

pavilion in the north palace

servants for the emperor

street scene in archaic Seoul

the emperor of Korea (King Kojong)

the palace guard

tomb of the tai ouen koun

war office

unmarried girl etc.

view of Seoul

view of Seoul from the wall

woman employed in the palace

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