This site is dedicated to collect old pictures and drawings of Korea. If you have any pictures and want me to scan them to be put here, please contact me, so we can put them in the public domain. Most pictures will be from Seoul or Pyongyang, since most foreigners tended to live there. But nevertheless others might show up.


Pictures of a Japanese book

Pictures made by Constance Tayler

Drawings published in Von Siebold's book

Snapshots from several pictures in several books
(low quality, yet interesting)

Drawing of a procession with King Kojeong in a wangtang passing the Supyogo bridge
Drawn by le Gamot, a French artist (1844-1907)

Pictures on this site are copyrighted by webmaster at Any person using these pictures will have to make reference to this website. You can use these pictures without asking me. For high quality scans please contact me. The only restriction of use is that you send me two copies of the book/magazine or any other medium you are using them in and pay courtesy to the institute mentioned below as well. Send me an email for my address.

the Institute of Korean Studies,

More pictures in the Korean Heritiage library

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